DNA Profiling- Through the Lens of ChemistryLab #________




Pre-Lab Questions:

Answer on a separate sheet of paper.

1.  What is DNA profiling?  What are its uses?

2.  Draw an electrolytic cell used for splitting water into its elements.

                        What is necessary for this process to occur?

            3.  What types of charges repel?  Attract?

4.      How are mixtures separated?



Pre-lab discussion-

www.Brainpop.com video- DNA structure.  Review notes:





Micropipetting- demonstration.

            Why use a micropipette?


            Keys to proper use-



Micropipetting activity- Obtain Reagent A and Reagent B, and 4 microfuge tubes.  Pipette a total of 20 uL into each tube- each with a different quantity of A and B.  Show the amounts in the data table below.  Test each with universal indicator to prove the concentrations are different.






Volume A used





Volume B used





Color of indicator






Preparation of 1X TAE buffer.

You will be given 50XTAE buffer stock solution and distilled water.  You need to prepare 500 mL of 1x TAE.  Show a correct mathematical calculation to determine the volume of 50XTAE needed to prepare the diluted solution.  Write out the steps you will take to prepare the solution.  When you finish, have the teacher approve your procedure, and then prepare the solution.


WORK:                                                                       STEPS: