The CHEMISTRY of Ice Cream 

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Who knew chemistry could be so tasty!  Today we will be investigating colligative properties and how they affect freezing points, and some yummy results of energy changes.


Pre-Lab questions:

1.      What is freezing point depression?




2.      Is freezing an exothermic or endothermic process?




3.      Is melting an exothermic or endothermic process?




4.      How does energy flow?  (from where to where?)




        Investigate the effects of temperature change on phase changes

        Investigate the effects of changes in freezing point

        Utilize the law of conservation of energy

        Apply these concepts to make ice cream!








Vanilla extract



Write your final recipe here.  It must be approved before you begin.













1.      What state of matter was the milk when you began?

2.      What state of matter was the milk when you were done?

3.      In order to change the phase of the milk, what had to be removed?

4.      What happened to the heat energy that left the milk?

5.      Why was salt added to the ice?

6.      If you did not add sugar, would the ice cream freeze faster or slower?  Why?  Explain, using your knowledge of chemistry.

7.      Why did the outside of the bag get wet?  (assume that your bag did not spring a leak.)

8.      Describe the transfer of energy that occurred in this lab.

9.      How could you improve your recipe?