Location of a Coral Reef Handout



Name: ________________________________________

I.  Geographic Location(s) of Coral Reef: Write in the box various regions of the world that coral reef can be located.













II. Map Activity: Use the information from table I to shade in the regions on the map to indicate the specific locations of various coral reefs. Try to use different color markers to fill in the various geographic locations of countries. Then fill in the various oceanic location found all over the world.


III. Reef Life-forms: Write in the textbox the various types of life that you can find inhabiting the coral reef.



A. Name of Plant(s):




B.  Name of Herbivore(s):


c. Name of Carnivore(s):




d. Name of Omnivore(s):




IV. Nutritional Relationships: Create four food chains using the organisms name from part III and then turn your food chain into a food web. Cut out pictures of these organisms from old magazines/internet and paste them on the index card provided by your teacher. Then put a string through each card and start to form a food chain with the various pictures, which will then later turn into a food web.