Web Search Engines

  • Kids' Search Sites

    • Ask Jeeves for Kids  Clean interface, an excellent database of answers, best site for middle and elementary school students.
    • KidsClick! Search engine for kids developed by librarians. Well organized by subject matter for easy navigation.
    • Lycos SafetyNet   The Lycos engine with a filter designed to protect against inappropriate and questionable sites.
    • Yahooligans Geared to ages 8-14. This Search Engine guides young users to "kid appropriate" content in categories such as entertainment, sports and recreation, arts and crafts, science, news and homework tips.

    The Top Search Engines

    • All the Web The absolutely fasted search engine on the web.
    • AltaVista Strong returns, intricate searching capabilities and a large database. Geared more for the intermediate & expert user.  Interface deficiencies make it less user-friendly than the comparable Northern Lights or HotBot. You really need to learn the advanced search language to harnass AltaVista's considerable power.
    • Announcement of New Web Sites National Center for Supercomputing Applications; University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
    • Excite Natural language descriptive searches. Includes site reviews and travel guides.
    • Google The mother of all search engines......
    • Go To Com Very straightforward interface.   Returns all pages with your keyword inquiry.
    • Highway 61
    • HotBot Very fast. Speedy, clean interface. This site is a must for advanced searching.
    • Infoseek Gives you flexibility in narrowing your search from the start.
    • IWon.com  Works like most search engines, but after an initial registration, gives you the chance to win $$ when looking for what you need on the Net.
    • Lycos Multi-term queries. Lycos looks for a loose match of a keyword and automatically performs wildcard searching.
    • Magellan Family-oriented Web directory. Many sites are reviewed and rated on a four star scale.
    • Northern Light Both an internet search engine and a fee-based database service.  Uncluttered interface.
    • Webcrawler Easy to use. Includes site reviews. Geared more for the novice.
    • Yahoo An excellent starting point for Web searching.  The most popular search engine. Still one of the easiest to use.
    • Yahoo Educational Sites K-12 Education Web Searcher


    • Curry Guide A metasearch engine for Europe. Sorted by categories. Recommended by H. Alexandria Bodha, a participant in Columbia's 1999-2000 Summer Research Program.
    • Dogpile Search 13 popular engines as well as Usenet newsgroups
    • FlexFinder Queries multiple search engines in parallel,and combines the results based on relevance. The user can choose among specialized meta search engines like Health & Medicine, Research & Education, News or Government.
    • Highway 61  No, you will not find Bob Dylan here but this site does offer reliable returns and useful features for setting a query time limit.
    • Mamma The mother of all search engines lets you put the top engines to work
    • Metacrawler Search nine of the most popular engines or Usenet newsgroups
    • ProFusion Lets you choose the three best engines based on your query, the three fastest engines, or all the engines
    • SuperSeek A frames-based interface shows each category's returns in individual frames.  This site is specialized and is better for research purposes than for general Web searching.


    • Bigfoot An e-mail address finder.
    • Company Information Excellent resource for getting a snapshot of any company.
    • Computer Magazine Archives Can't remember where you saw an article about a computer product?  Over 200,000 computer articles.
    • DejaNews Usenet Newsgroups
    • Driving Directions Get door-to-door directions to any spot in the U.S.
    • Find A Definition Index of almost 2 million words taken from several hundred dictionaries.
    • Find A Job  Virtual job ads let you specify job location, description and salary requirements.
    • Legislator's Voting Records Tracks performance of more than 13,000 political leaders including governors, members of congress, the president and state legislators.  Also includes biographies, campaign funding info and positions on issues.
    • PedagoNet This is an educational search engine that provides learning materials and resources for teachers.
    • People Search Search by name, city or state to find e-mail and white pages information.
    • Public Records  Save yourself a trip to the county records office.  After registering, you can search on any name to access a database of residences, death records, home values and home buyers and sellers.   Other searches are available but will cost you about a dollar each.
    • Science Search Engine Filters out all non-science web sites
    • Shareware.com Software searches
    • Zip Codes U.S. Postal Service Zip Codes